PT2.0 is a weaving of sorts

An air of quartz rises from a deepened Place

Elite play...s

And games become what we design

And life becomes what we unwind

And fun is fun 

For everyone

Because I don't like to leave ones out

But also... I gave too many things for free

Nice is nice

But too is crazy!

And I don't want to break me anymore

The time has come

The phases phased

Questions answered but more were raised

There are things I want to know

And things I won't let go

Because life is dear

And wings should grow

Echoes into tomorrow

How deeply do you wanna play?

I've paved some roads along the way

Some were taken, some unworn

And I explored what I explored

And in the process learned to sew

Some things got torn and needed mending

Like walls, for instance

Like frost...said

And in the solace of my head

I realized just how much I play

That must be why I like cats 

Even when they're old

Their final throw is bold



(In memory of my loves)


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PT20 is a multistranded game with a plethora of wins along the way! What matters is how we connect the pieces.

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Covid accentuated just how much we need the arts for our general well-being. Additionally, countless other needs were brought to light in the pandemic. Since we learn best through play, let's play!

The magnitude of this project is unquantifiable and has grown too massive for me to complete by myself in a single lifetime. I've come this far alone (its roots are deep), but it's as far as I could go. I believe in the purpose of this work. As the game progresses, I hope you begin to see its value to the individual, to society, and ultimately, to humanity. 

If you're interested in discussing the business end of this project I welcome the conversation regarding its multitudinous strands. I found a way to break out of some boxes (ironically, lol).  #investors, #philanthropists, art and education-loving #giants of all kinds: