I've been chasing infinity for a long, long time. 

I love its fractals!



PHASE I consists of Tangled Web (1990-2020), Sacret Hearts (2019-2020), and Dessart (2020).  


Interspersions (2020- ) are immersive designs investigating consciousness, philosophies, and the functionality of the universe.  They utilize intersecting planes to express multidimensionality without consuming any physical space.  Their architectural quality has an endless capacity for incorporation into futuristic vehicles, abodes, and corporate settings. Interspersions are aesthetically suitable in spaces from micro-apartments to the Guggenheim and beyond.  Their atmospheres and stories dictate their scale and dimensions. As a visual language, they can be efficient in conveying a comprehensive concept 60,000 times faster than text, opening a door for infinite applications.

Multidimensionalities (2021- ) are an extension of Interspersions which incorporate minimal-esque paintings on various materials for an even deeper dive into the dimensions of the universe.

Elevation (2020-2021) is a multimedia installation regarding the duration and functionality of consciousness, in the now and the afterlife. Philosophical and scientific concepts provide parallel perspectives.

PhilosophE (2021) is an exhibition and installation that combines Interspersions and Multidimensionalities demonstrating various functions of the deeper self.  Details TBA later in 2021.

huMANless (2021) is a polysemous installation, and that is all I am at liberty to say for now.


As a child, I entered into a close relationship with my inner self. I vowed to live life with no regrets, to adopt art and truth as my way of being, and to unwaveringly trust my gut. Now, I am here looking back on how the detailed picture of decades past came together. Note to inner self: Way to go! Art has become my most proficient language and my most direct access to universal truths, but it isn't my only. The magic is in the amalgamation of my toolkit.  

The process was lengthy and meticulously detailed. The distance between points was full of irrational numbers, much like one could discover through music and math. In the beginning, I created art with cathartic purpose. As I evolved, so did my purpose. It extends so far beyond myself now and, on some levels, it isn't just for our people anymore but for those beings we have yet to meet. It may seem crazy to create art for presumably intelligent "aliens" (or A.I.), but not so crazy to summarize the depth of humanity for future generations as well as for future unknowns. Teaching is almost always an underlying aspect of my work. Don't think for a second that I should have been a teacher, though! I said "underlying" aspect because somewhere along the way I discovered that my work contained that thread, so why ignore the capability?  I think efficient communication, in part, is a truer core purpose.


Phase II began with a convergence of 30 years of strands, and all they stood for, into a minimalistic language entitled Interspersions. This amalgamation was special because it could simultaneously be painting and sculpture, 2D and 3D. It redefines dimension utilizing the observer. I think Fred Sandback was a direct influence here. I was always enthralled by his minimalistic definition of space. Pure genius, in my perspective, and a tremendous elevator! Since Interspersions are far more conceptual than anything else, their mediums are flexible. Since I have decades of multimedia usage, I too, am flexible. This lack of rigidity provides a fluid atmosphere and gives Interspersions the power of liquid. I love that!  


There's so much more I can say about this body of work, but I don't wanna bore you. Moving forward, the fluidity might hit you like a tsunami so don't turn your back, lol. As I continue chasing my white rabbit, I'm still taking the time to create breadcrumbs. I can't be certain I'll actually discover what I seek (I'm trusting my gut here), but if I manage, at least I left you with a way to elevate, too :) 



If you would like more information or would like to commission an Interspersion, email me.  I can work with any scale because math ;) 

Thanks for visiting my website!  Come back soon to see new work and learn about future exhibitions. 

It''s gonna be a wild ride and I'm glad to have you here :)

 Interspersions: Skipping Steps

повежи се са мном

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