Tangled Web (1990-2020), Sacret Hearts (2019-2020), Dessart (2020) 


Interspersions (2020- ) Immersive designs investigating consciousness, philosophies, and the functionality of the universe. Utilize intersecting planes to express multidimensionality without consuming any physical space. Architectural quality has an endless capacity for incorporation into futuristic vehicles, abodes, and corporate settings. Aesthetically suitable in spaces from micro-apartments to spaceships. Atmospheres and stories dictate their dimensions. Efficient in conveying a comprehensive concept 60,000 times faster than text, opening a door for infinite applications.

Multidimensionalities (2021- ) Extension of Interspersions which incorporate minimal-esque paintings on various materials for an even deeper dive into the dimensions of the known (and unknown) universe.

Elevation (2020-2021) Multimedia installation regarding the duration and functionality of consciousness, in the now and the afterlife. Philosophical and scientific concepts provide parallel perspectives.

PhilosophE (September 4, 2021- TBA) Exhibition and installation demonstrating various functions of the deeper self.

Project.Tapestry (May 2021 - June 2021) Digital art series on YouTube that incorporates a variety of arts, sciences, philosophies, and communications with a futuristic overview. Discontinued due to miscalculation.

pT2o (June 2021- ) Conglomerative digital art series on YouTube including original art, animation, original music, dance, and theater; exploring the frequencies of consciousness.  


Consciousness, love, and time are at the crux of my thoughts and have been for most of my life. To comprehend my fascinations, I explore various arts, sciences, and philosophies in search of multistranded proofs in functionality and purpose. Expressing my findings through the art(s) is the most efficient system of communication I have discovered. I continue to pull myself in different directions like a spiderweb, so I can explore diverse strands which can be woven together. Project Tapestry is an excellent example of that as it lays out the details of the whole. I hope people can extract the positive messages I've embedded within my work. I aim to put into the world what I've noticed was missing from it. 

#shapingtheuniverse #ProjectTapestry #Bojana


If you would like more information or to commission artwork, feel free to email me.  I work in a variety of dimensions and mediums. Inquire about NFTs.

" The arts are my favorite languages! "

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 Interspersions: Skipping Steps

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