"At a certain level, art is akin to physics in that it

begins to demonstrate how the universe works."

Bojana Randall, interdisciplinary artist


Bojana (b.1974, Serbia), immigrated to the United States with her family in the 1980s. Due to the language barrier, drawing pictures became her primary method of communication until she learned to speak English.  Seeing its practical success, she continued down the artistic path adding complexity along the way. Her early works in the 1990s were representational of the human figure, nature, and geometry and are fundamental elements that still remain true as they pertain to space and time and how the universe works coupled with consciousness. Her only untitled work (1990) was a geometric mixed-media sculptural abstraction displayed at the Morris Museum when she was15 years old.  This work summarizes the foundation of what was to follow.


In her first solo exhibition, Isolated Essence (2000) at the Tuna Gallery, she continued to blend two- and three-dimensional elements into both paintings and sculptures blurring their boundaries. This process carried on into Realizing The Web (2002) at The Paterson Museum and through TimeWindows: Perspective Nouveau (2020, M Galleries), which included the collection of Pendulums series (2018-2020), Time (2004, Australian Cypress and mirror), digital design, and poetry.


Elevation (2021, M Galleries) an installation pertaining to the duration of consciousness, included works from the series, Interspersions, which uses multiplanar space to render a two-dimensional surface into a three-dimensional sculpture utilizing the observer's perspective. Bojana's thoughts about consciousness were conveyed through the use of industrial and natural materials that simultaneously separated and combined worlds. Interspersions and Multidimensionalities are the spine of the artist's solo exhibition, philosophE opening in September 2021. 

Project Tapestry aired on YouTube in May 2021. Mere weeks after launch, it was removed due to an oversight that could have resulted in a heap of future legal trouble. "What I thought was a loving homage to my favorite artists turned out to be quite the opposite in an amplified perspective." pT2o is a revised and upgraded version of Project Tapestry with a tentative launch in August 2021. The project still contends with various aspects of consciousness, space, and time. Although still in its youth, it has multiple seasons and will be available for purchase via NFTs, non-fungible tokens.

Bojana's education consists of an array of extracurricular activities including various athletics, music, professional dance, collegiate courses at multiple universities, volunteer work, entrepreneurship, and travel which all lent to her artistic views. Ultimately, she graduated from William Paterson University in 2003 and pursued higher education of her own accord. 

Bojana resides and works in New Jersey. Her artwork has been sold, exhibited, and published in the US, Switzerland, and England. 

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