Of Love

Truest Love is the line 

That crosses time

The one that shows you're mine

But only for a dust in glass

Freedom feeds true love

And that's what makes it last

When paths diverge



Like lattice

You look at me

I'll look at you

And therein lives the true

Of Need

To Need is not the same 

As to want, want, want

To need is to be short of breath


To be fragmented


To feel unsustained


And I need you

Of Pain

Pain is our greatest teacher

A punishment for stupidity

A part of Nature's hell

And what a cruel bitch, this Nature

To inflict pain so well

Of Truth

Truth is true always

Any bat space

Any bat time


It has a distinct vibration

It's frequency rings my bones

Like a prism

Of Sorrow

So many sands have passed

On a layer I reserved for your memory alone

I weep

And I will always weep There

Because you were of me

Of Patience


For the paint to dry

Stick a needle in my eye


In the vastness of time

Because too much is

As intemperate as

Not enough

I thought the silence 

Would kill me

Instead, it gifted


The kind only zen masters


And memory

Of long trodden roads

And awareness of 

New points


And for that,

I'll wait some more

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