Interspersions tell evolutionary tales of histories, sciences, and music among other things.  Specifics are in my artist's statement.



Art with Purpose

Interspersions are a series of amalgamated stripes that incorporate both 2-D and 3-D space conveying the duration of histories, the distance of science, as well as the speed of imagery.

Built on-site, these works are unique to their respective spaces and incorporate the purpose of the space itself.  

They can fill a room like music!

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"I love your new work!  It's logical." - Prof. Emeritus

art mural
Descartes: I Am
art mural
Teaching Leaf
art mural
Shrodinger's Cat
art mural
art mural
Behind Me
art mural
Vanishing Point
art mural
Skipping Steps
art mural
art mural
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