philosophE | multiplanar solo art exhibition and installation



GR Art Gallery
Stamford, CT
OPENS: September 4, 2021

Interspersions and Multidimensionalities are demonstrative languages that communicate abstract concepts like theoretical phenomena, consciousness, philosophies, and other life aspects lacking physicality. Some of the most important life pieces are of invisible nature. Persistence, choice, and overcoming loss are among the neglected components in traditional education. As a result, mental and emotional health issues are on the rise. In 2017 (before Covid), 792 million people worldwide reported mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and eating disorders. My intention is to bring awareness to essential "invisibles", as I like to call them, so people can enjoy healthier lives. philosophE. The "E" is for elevation.

September 4 - TBA

GR Art Gallery | 1086 Long Ridge Rd | Stamford, CT 06903

Ph: 203.274.7497

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 4 from 5:30 - 9 pm