What did you say?

Tainted Love.jpg

"Why can't you do both [art and science]? Anything's possible." - Known Musician  & Artist (1993)
"This one reminds me of Georgia O'Keeffe." 
- Respected Art Critic and Historian (1997)

"It kind of reminds me of Henry Moore. Are you familiar with his work?"- Sculptor and Professor (1997)

"It looks like Jackson Pollock." - Entrepreneur (2002)

When asked, why did you buy this particular work if it's not your style? "I wanted to see where the artist goes." - Art Collector (2012)

"I love your work! I still remember the story you told me about its meaning ten years ago!"
- Senior Systems Engineer / Collector (2020)

"I think your work is better than Picasso's!"
- Lead Systems Engineer (2020)

"I love your new work! It's logical." 
- Professional Craftsman / Entrepreneur (2021)

"It reminds me of Donald Judd. And, like, Andy Goldsworthy." - Artist / Gallery Director (2021)