Thirstd8 - Colorful Cocktails

Thirstd8 night party!!! 


There's no reason why we can't have social gatherings from the safety of our own homes!  FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or whatever with your friends from your own couch.  No designated driver necessary.  No pandemic concerns.  Win-Win!  (Side note: If you're bored, just go to sleep.  You're already on your sofa!)

Here's a tip for those who don't enjoy alcoholic cocktails or are allergic...

Omit the alcohol and ta-da!  You fit right in :)

Please drink responsibly.

Cocktail Drinks

Mixed drink recipes and other party night favorites are COMING SOON!

(prolly late Feb)

Cocktail Drinks

Be patient...

Meanwhile, here's a joke...

Skeleton walks into a bar and asks for a shot and a mop. (snare, lol)

I didn't say it would be good.


Aw, heck... OK, here's a quickie for the winter months that can warm ya up...


a cup/mug of American coffee

30mL Vodka

15mL Irish cream

a sprinkle of vanilla sugar

Four friends... an American, a Russian, an Irishman, and a Mexican walk into a bar... That's the drunk translation of the above recipe.