TIMEBONDS | Mixed Process Scupture Series

These life-moments, specks of nothing, are our only in all the lives

in all the universes that ever existed or will come to exist.


On a personal and emotional layer, one aspect of this series is the collection of my most precious moments.  As I age,

I want to create a series of breadcrumb triggers in case I lose my memory someday.  I want reminders of the feelings these moments once gave me. 


On the cerebral layer, the red and/or gold threads weave through the mysterious portals of space-time as our souls may weave, but remain grounded to the precious moments of this time, of this space, building our futures upon our pasts.  We see what we see. 


Weaving in and out of wherever you CHOOSE.


Weaving the fabric of your LIFE.  We measure life in moments to remind us it is fleeting.


Influences & Inspirations: Fred Sandback + Donald Judd + MC Escher + Rourchach + Mayans + clock + spiderweb + universe theories + Chinese Red Thread of Fate myth + sun + earth + math

Medium: acrylic, yarn, paper clay, gold leaf, panel



Physics and magick are one and the same.  They both equate to MATH, a universal truth.


Math, music, and art are universal truths.  All paths lead to the same destination, the same understanding.  They are woven into each other throughout space, throughout time, in a unified tapestry bound by love.